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Jan Stevans Janjua

CV & Career Coach

"Success doesn't come to those who wait; it comes to those who work for it."

Welcome to Employment Success!

We are a small, professional career services company based in the West Midlands, UK, offering career and CV services for over 13 years to various types of people, from Students with no job under their belt to corporates looking to upgrade their salary.

"Our passion lies in finding the right job for the right candidate."

We do not want to create many CVs to show the world figures on our website to prove our success, NO! Instead, we work on bespoke packages according to our customer's requirements; some may be ready in a day, and others may take longer; we are not in competition with anyone. Therefore we ensure to provide the type of help our client requires at their pace!

Many times parents have contacted us because their child lacks the confidence to go out to look for a job on their own, The number of times I have seen parents handing out CVs in shops on behalf of their children( only to be put in the nearest bin by the worker!).

Just because we have created your CV does not mean our doors are shut; we will keep in touch with you throughout your journey.

Other times we have had calls from desperate parents whose child has applied for a job and have an interview the next day..." can you please get them Interview ready?", We have spent many hours going over interview training for them to ring me the next week to let me know that they got the Job! :-)

We have a "hand-holding" approach when working with nervous candidates; it can be a very nerve-racking experience, even for seasoned workers! We keep up to date with them throughout their journey, guiding and motivating them. We do not leave them alone during this stage; the last thing you want is a demotivated person because they did not get a reply after giving out their CV.


Our mission is to provide personalised and comprehensive career services to our clients, from entry-level to executive professionals. We understand that each individual is unique and has diverse career objectives. That's why we are dedicated to providing individualised attention and high-quality customer service to ensure the best outcomes for our clients.


At Employment Success, Employment and CV Services, we provide various services to help you pursue your career goals. These include:

  • CV writing and editing (whilst we will create your CV for you, we will guide you on how it is done!)

  • Career coaching and advice 

  • Job search assistance

  • Interview Preparation

  • Career planning

  • Networking advice

  • Confidence building


We have a small team of experienced and qualified professionals dedicated to helping you succeed in your career. Our services are tailored to suit your specific needs, so you can be confident that you will get the most out of our services.

Equally, if you are going through a grievance or issues at work where you need legal advice, do not hesitate to contact our Employment Law Specialist for a free consultation. They will be able to guide you. 

Contact here...

If you would like to learn more about how we can help you, please don't hesitate to contact us. 

We are so confident that we can help you; if you have paid for CV services from another company and did not get the help you needed to get a job, we will take you on at only half the price; how does that sound to you!*

just send us an email, and we will get the ball rolling.

We look forward to working with you.

Have a "successful" day!

Jan Stevans Janjua

CV & Career Coach

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