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Employment Success Program Certificate


​If you are an Employer or Recruiter and are wondering what the Employment Success program is, let me explain...


Coming from a Candidate:


Employment Success has vetted me to determine that the role I am applying for is something I can do justice to. It is evidence of skills and Knowledge gained.


This certificate shows that I have undergone training to become work ready and fit into your organisation. I have undertaken Interview and Video interview techniques to show my best side to you.


I have invested in myself because I am serious about finding a job where I can add extra value to your company.


I have been trained logically to "think outside the box" and come out of my comfort zone to excel in my duties.


I have proven through my CV that I possess many interpersonal and transferable skills that will Substantiate me as an asset to your organisation.


I have been trained on over 50 interview questions which have extended my Knowledge of your company and work ethics by gaining Knowledge about your company.


I have also been trained in phone and video etiquette.



To all candidates:


The Employment Success Certificate will remind you of your hard work and dedication to the program. It will be a source of motivation and pride as you embark on your career journey of the commitment you made to yourself to pursue a successful career.  ​


We proudly acknowledge your work and recommend you for potential Job opportunities.


We wish you all the very best!


Well done on "Taking the first steps towards Employment Success!"


Jan Stevans Janjua

CV & Career Coach

Employment Success Program.

Employment Success Certificate sample
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